BasiGo: Revolutionizing Public Transportation with Electric Buses

In a bid to revolutionize the public transportation sector, BasiGo, an e-mobility start-up headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, is providing a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel for public transport bus owners. Composed of seasoned entrepreneurs who have spent over a decade working and innovating within electric vehicle technology, mobility in Africa, and renewable energy financing, the team is dedicated to creating an inclusive sustainable mobility revolution in Africa.

BasiGo’s K6: Kenya’s First Electric Bus

BasiGo’s flagship product is the K6 Electric Bus, a 25-seat, 100% electric bus designed by BYD Automotive, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric buses. The K6 boasts 250 Km of range and a recharge time of fewer than 4 hours, creating new expectations for bus operations in Kenya: freedom from diesel, improved reliability, premium passenger experience, and comprehensive monitoring; all at an affordable total cost.

One of the key benefits of the K6 is the freedom it gives bus operators from the rising cost and hassle of diesel dependence. The K6 offers 250 km of silent, emissions-free driving without burning a drop of diesel. Bus operators will no longer have to worry about oil and filter changes. Additionally, BasiGo’s complete E-Bus solution makes charging and maintaining the K6 easy for operators. The K6 takes less than 4 hours to recharge at a BasiGo depot located along the route. While charging, BasiGo’s expert trained e-bus technicians provide service and maintain the K6 to ensure it is ready to drive by morning.

Integrating Into Mainstream Public Transport

In February 2023, BasiGo announced its partnership with OMA Sacco to offer electric bus services to commuters in Nairobi, Kenya, along the CBD – Buruburu- Civil Servants (CIVO) route. Two electric buses have been deployed to serve the route. BasiGo had earlier introduced electric bus services in partnership with Super Metro to five other routes, including Kikuyu, Kitengela, Juja, Imara Daima, and Ngong. The company has also developed a mobile app to enable passengers to track the location of the buses in real-time. The move is aimed at providing a clean, reliable, and affordable public transportation option for Kenyans while promoting sustainable mobility.

BasiGo has partnered with AVA to assemble 1,000 Electric Buses

Passengers can enjoy a silent, vibration-free ride with premium synthetic leather seats and a spacious cabin. The technology-enabled cabin features USB charging, free WiFi access, a 27” television, six high-fidelity speakers, and passenger bell switches. The K6 is also easier to drive and quicker to accelerate, with no gear shifting. Drivers benefit from a high-tech cockpit with a self-adjusting comfort seat, backup camera, and driver-controlled passenger door. BasiGo’s Driver Training Program ensures drivers safely hit the road with confidence.

BasiGo’s proprietary SmartBus platform provides owners with real-time monitoring of bus location and performance, operational insights, and customizable reports on their electric bus, accessible from anywhere and at any time. The K6 brings a new standard of passenger safety to the market, powered by BYD’s state-of-the-art lithium-iron phosphate battery technology, recognized as one of the safest electric vehicle batteries available. The cabin includes seat belts for all seats, state-of-the-art emergency exits, and CCTV monitoring.

BasiGo’s Pay-As-You-Drive

To make owning an electric bus easier, BasiGo offers Pay-As-You-Drive. This allows owners to purchase the K6 Electric bus without having to pay for the expensive battery technology. Operators can access BasiGo’s unique Pay-As-You-Drive battery subscription service which covers everything related to the battery, including charging, warranty, service, and maintenance. Operators are charged daily based on kilometers driven, and payments are made directly to BasiGo, giving operators complete peace of mind throughout the life of the bus.

In conclusion, BasiGo’s K6 Electric Bus is a game-changer in the public transportation sector, providing an eco-friendly alternative to diesel buses that also offers improved reliability, premium passenger experience, comprehensive monitoring, and affordable total cost. With the Pay-As-You-Drive model, owning an electric bus is now more accessible than ever before. BasiGo is on a mission to create a sustainable mobility revolution in Africa, and the K6 is an important step toward that goal.

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