Women Fragrances You Can Buy in Nakuru


Ever wondered why a certain perfume takes you back to when you were out with your friends, a date, or cuddling with your mum? Nothing is more memorable than a smell. A signature scent should not only be memorable but also wearable- an extension of your personal style. Choosing the right perfume might be a challenge especially with beauty counters and online store fronts stocked with thousands of irresistible fragrances.

Whether you are looking for a floral, citrus, woody, oriental ,oceanic, green or spicy, there is a fragrance to suit all kinds of personalities. Some women prefer perfumes with a feminine touch, others with a masculine touch and some prefer a bit of both. Below are some of the best perfumes for ladies in Kenya.

10. Hugo Boss


The Boss scent for Her by Hugo is an irresistible fragrance with an lingering fruity-floral accord, a scent that will undoubtedly leave you smelling like a boss all day. With its amazing pairing of peach and freesia as the top notes, this fragrance adds touch of sophisticated sweetness to any look. The base note, roasted cacao provides a darker note and a characteristic gourmand twist.

9. Rasasi Innocence for Women Eau De Perfume


A fragrance that screams freshness, youthfulness, innocence, and pure emotion with combination of noble spices such as clove and pimento leaves, Rasasi Innocence for women dives into the classic world of femininity revealing the romantic side of life. If you are looking for a spicy and yet a floral scent, Rasasi Innocence is the go to perfume.

8.Generic Si Giorgio Armani Perfume


This perfume contains a a sweet floral scent made for that elegant modern woman and has a fun fresh fragrance that lasts for up to 24 hours. This long lasting perfume is made up of  Topnotes of bergamot, neroli, lily and orange. Heart notes of violet, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, narcissus and Egyptian tuberose.

7. Bombshell By Victoria\’s Secret Perfume For Women


Bombshell by Victoria\’s Secret is a beautiful blend of passion fruit, grape fruit, pineapple, tangerine, and big strawberries. This fragrance also features a woody tone, Oakmoss giving it a lingering scent with an earthly touch. Middle notes include Peony, Vanilla orchid, Red Berries, Jasmine, and Lily-of-the-valley. With a base note of Musk, Bombshell delivers a cocktail of bold, elegance, sophistication, and freshness suitable for any occasion.

6. Gucci Guilty


Guilty is the oriental floral Gucci that is flying off the shelves due to its popularity with Kenyan women. This iconic fragrance is a delightful mix of mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber and patchouli designed for the glamorous daring, very sexy ladies who like to party and have fun.

5. RASASI Royale Blue For Women


Royale Blue by Rasasi is a thrilling floral woody fragrance for women, with the top notes being bergamot, orange, sea notes, melon, apple, peach and galbanum; middle notes are lavender, peony, rose and jasmine. It gets its woody depth from patchouli, cedar and amber. This blend gives it an undeniably sexy lingering scent.

4. Issey Miyake L\’eau D\’issey Fragrance for Women


It is an aquatic inspired perfume that features notes such as Carnation, Peony Lily, Freesia, Lotus, Cyclamen, Amber, Musk, Sandal and Cedar. With its blend of notes such as Amber and Peony, this fragrance is designed for the sophisticated and bold woman, expressing the true femininity of a woman.

3. Rasasi Chastity


Chastity is a clean fresh fragrance for young women, opening up with green and aquatic notes together with its irresistible lemon accord. A beautiful blend of rose, jasmine and an orange blossom laid on a base of musk. This fragrance is designed for a sophisticated bold woman seeking adventure above else.

2. Si Giorgio Armani


Giorgio Armani taps into modern femininity with an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit. This airy and floral fragrance opens up with deep blackcurrant nectar and a base of musky blonde wood that adds to its freshness.

1. Active Woman Perfume


This iconic fragrance is a delightful combination of freshness of aqua with tangy citrus notes and herbal notes, with a base of a sensual white musk. Its a lovely form of expression that exhumes a lustful yet an ambitious character at the same time, suitable for every occasion for you and your loved one.

Final Thoughts

While each person has different tastes and preferences regarding fragrances, there is no doubt that all these scents feel sophisticated and cool. Perfumes not only reflect on mood, but also helps in projecting it better. Select and wear cologne as per the occasion so that you can get in the appropriate mood for it.

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