How to Decorate Your House for Christmas

It’s the season to be jolly. Happy holidays everyone. This is the holiday season majority of us spend most at home with family and friends,
Home is where the heart is. For this reason, it is vital your house is clean, organized and well decorated to spread the Christmas cheer.

Celebrations are important for the overall good functioning of our bodies. They also give us time to appreciate the gift of one another and enjoy life. While appreciating the gift of one another, it boosts one’s pride and happiness when your house is nicely decorated. . Decorations add glamour, pomp and merry to any party or occasion. They help create the mood and atmosphere for any event or party.

It is key that our house are just as warm and hearty as the Christmas mood in the air. There are decorations of various types and depending on your taste or preferences, you can choose to decorate with flowers, balloons and props such as banners, party boxes, fringe curtains, party lights etc.
While majority of the decorations are made of soft material, one is not limited to using metallic pieces or even large objects such as the classic Christmas tree. If you are looking of ways to decorate your house, here are five tips you ought to consider before choosing to shop for decorations.

1. Consider Your Space

Less is more. While one may be tempted to stack the house with many decorations, it is vital you think about your space and where you are placing things. For instance, if you are planning on fitting a Christmas tree, especially a pine one, make sure to measure the area you’re placing it before starting. You need also to consider the preferred location you would want to have it to prevent the tree from catching fire or spoiling easily.

If you’re having family and friends over, you should also be cautious, as you don’t want decorations where they can be easily knocked over or get in the way. Don’t over clutter surfaces as your family or guests may want to place their food, drinks or unwrapped gifts on them.

The same applies to the kitchen—you don’t want decorations in the way while cooking your Christmas Day feast. It’s best to settle for mini decorative table decorations in such areas..
Utilize walls, corners and window spaces too.

2. Choose a Color Theme for Your House

Even though red and green are normal colors for Christmas, being creative with choice of colors can go a long way in making your house harmonious and overall the best decorated this festive season..Deviating from the normal colors gives a sense of creativity while giving a sense of class and sophistication.

You can choose to have a classic twist by having dark colors mixed with one bright color tone. For instance, you can mix the classic black and white with a touch of red. This brings balance and harmony to the room while oozing sophistication and class.

Additionally, you can choose to spice up the standard bright colors of the season, red and green with gold. Gold screams class and elegance at the same time. Having gold embellishments and ribbons at your preferred areas adds personality and color to an otherwise norm and boring standard colors.

Try to avoid all neutral colors. Instead, fuse neutral colors with bright, fun colors so as to boost the mood of your house in the spirit of Christmas. Red and gold, silver and blue, gold and green are also complimentary and go well with the house.

3. Embrace Themes But Don’t Be Too Rigid

In the same vein, picking a particular theme for your house requires creativity. By far, the easiest themes to execute are gold and silver as the colors blend well with majority of the house decor and the colors aren’t too shouting or full. However, silver and gold doesn’t have to be glitter. You can choose to explore with simple metallic wall pieces, such as bells and Christmas balls.

You could also choose to fuse two contrasting styles with different colors. For instance, you can mix traditional standard theme (green and red Christmas) with modern embellishments such as gold or silver for a standout look.

Your theme could also be inspired by a favorite family activity or inspiration that you are familiar with. For instance, you can have an icy theme in your house, using white and blue as your dominant theme. Snowflakes are the best decoration options for such a theme.. You can place them at strategic points in your house, with blue LED lights or glow in the dark snowflakes to match.

4. Create a Focus Point

Choose specific locations within your house as decoration focus points. Usually, where the eye is naturally drawn to is the best place to have your decorations. For instance, having a Christmas tree at the centre or corner of your living room or right before the home stairs is eye-catchy and will definitely spread the Christmas cheer all round.
You could also hang a garland of Christmas balls and pine branches on your staircase or a colorful “Merry Christmas banner” on your dining area. By making one area your decoration point first, you comfortably set up a solid base from which you can decorate the other spaces while sticking to the centerpiece.

Don’t forget to spruce up the corners by hanging metallic ornament pieces or running a string of LED lights all through the walls.

5. Be Practical

Whilst we may be tempted to go overboard with Christmas decorations, it is wise we pay attention to the practicality of the selected decorations. A large Christmas tree may look beautiful in the living room but if your house is usually busy, this may be a disturbance on the way. Usually, try to make use of your walls. Hang eye-catchy pieces and decorations like flowers, banners and lights thus saving up on the floor space and de-cluttering the room.

Also beware of electrical decorations near dispensers, taps, kitchen or lavatory areas as they can easily catch fire.

6.Consider the Comfort of Your Guests

Keep in mind the comfort of your family members, friends and visitors while decorating your house. Avoid crowding the seating area with dangling pieces as they can pull off or come out, hence spoiling. If children are likely to visit your house, carefully decide on where to have your centerpieces to avoid injuries and damage.

Bonus tips:
Bright and Brighter

Lights are the star of a Christmas decor. Everything else is optional, but lights are a must. Use LED string lights to give your windows, door frames, walls, anything you choose really, a unique look. Good thing is you can shape them to form anything you want, so the possibilities are endless!

Keep it simple

As earlier said, less is more. Having simple decorations can be better to having a warm, beautiful house. Refined and minimalistic decoration pieces tend to be more eye catchy and suttle while making your room pop with color.


Ribbons are often limited to the Christmas tree only. However, ribbons are a great decoration piece. Gold, silver, red, green or even white ribbons can be hang on doors or walls of your house. This in turn spices up your room to an otherwise bland door or wall. If they are too pricey, how about Do-It-Yourself.


Don’t throw away your decorations. Christmas happens once every year. Save your money and preserve your decorations in dry storage boxes for the coming festive season.

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