Laura Tich: Leading African Women in Cyber-Security

Laura is the founder of SheHacks_KE, a group of women cyber security professionals. SheHacks_KE is a community of women in cyber security.

The community’s aim is to bring together female learners and experts from different backgrounds and counties.
“We did have some women who were already working in cyber security but they were always sidelined from major events and conversations. We saw the need to create a platform where women would have a voice.”

Laura’s journey started back at Daystar University where she studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Computer Science.
“I started researching more on cyber security and tried to build a foundation for myself in the field. I was lucky enough to have found mentors who guided me through the process as I was trying to gain foundational skills. Once I got the foundation, I decided that this is the career I want to pursue and started building my skills more.”

Laura has taken part in several successful projects and events. She attended the DefCon conference in Las Vegas, the biggest cyber-security event, and she’s recently been motivated as one of the top 50 women in Cyber security in Africa.

Laura is also a Mozilla Open Leader and an advocate for Internet Freedom. She and her colleague were the first Kenyans to speak at the Black Hat USA conference that took place in Las Vegas.

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