Wajackoya Generation: Why Legalize Marijuana in Kenya

Marijuana legalization in Kenya has been an ongoing debate for several years now. Kenyans feel Cannabis consumption has to be legalized since other States have embraced the same. The different States worldwide have identified underlying benefits through the legalization of marijuana, thus generating a significant need for Kenya to adopt it.

This article will significantly address the most significant benefits of cannabis and how other countries have benefited by embracing its utility.

1.    Marijuana Has a Proven Medical Record.

Different countries like the United States have legalized the use of marijuana due to its proven medical benefits. The substance is beneficial to patients who have cancer, HIV/AIDS, and glaucoma. The medical practitioners thus support its consumption; hence the Kenyan government should also legalize it.

2.    Cannabis is a Highly-Selling Agricultural Product.

Currently, America has recorded the highest selling agricultural product to be marijuana. Statistical data by Colorado Revenue Department highlight that since the state legalized the substance in 2014, cumulative 4-year sales have accrued to 47.6 billion. Kenya should also legalize cannabis consumption as it has a high potential of escalating its economic state.


3.    Marijuana will Increase Job Opportunities in Kenya.

While considering lucrative Kenyan areas, marijuana legalization shall certainly boost the land\’s industrial growth and create enormous employment opportunities in farming, sales, and distribution. The current economic state is on the verge of facing a crisis, as many graduates land at the jobless markets. The substance has a high potential of growing Kenya\’s economy and thus create more industrial opportunities for Kenyans.

4.    Cannabis is Less Susceptible to Weather Conditions

Growing hardy marijuana provides an economic benefit to farmers due to its ability to withstand atmospheric calamities. While other agricultural products like cotton are more susceptible to weather fluctuations and harsh environmental conditions, industrial marijuana farmers in countries like Canada are usually guaranteed a high return on investment. Kenya should legalize the crop as it will be of great benefit to the farmers.

5.    Marijuana Contributes to an Enriched Soil

Countries like Mexico have been able to do well in agriculture, courtesy of adopting marijuana. The nation is potentially on track to be the world\’s third country to legalize cannabis. The substance creates more nutrient-rich soil, as its deep roots issue nitrogen and other minerals to the earth, hence becomes an excellent compost to grow wheat. Kenya, an agricultural country, should legalize the crop as it seeks to improve its agricultural capacity.


6.    Cannabis will Aid Kenya in Debt Minimization.

Kenya currently runs its budget on debt to fund its development agenda. On the other hand, Colorado initially collected at least $135 million in taxes and recreational and medical marijuana fees. If cannabis were made illegal in Kenya, the country would pay its debts and boost its economic state.

7.    Cannabis Has Minimal Harmful Effects

Marijuana has no harmful effects compared to tobacco or alcohol. The substances are usually widely used and regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Marijuana is less addictive than alcohol; hence should be allowed in Kenya, just as tobacco and alcohol consumption is permitted.


8.    Cannabis Impacts on Costs Savings

States that legalize marijuana have benefited as a result of low enforcement costs. Once marijuana is legalized on a national level, the substance gradually reduces costs attached to court cases, hence few incarcerations. Kenya should consider legalizing the substance, thus save money and spend it elsewhere.

9.    Low Price Advantage for Medical Marijuana.

Legalized marijuana will be beneficial to medical consumers. Citizens in countries that have legalized the substance have benefited through an overall price drop. Individuals using marijuana for medical purposes will have low-priced commodities; therefore, Kenya should consider legalizing the substance.

10.    Cannabis Improves People\’s Personality

Upon legalizing marijuana, countries like the United States have had their citizens improve their personality features. Marijuana makes people receptive to new information, boosts their creativity, and enables people to visualize life from a different angle. If legalized in Kenya, the substance will allow people to generate a feel-good sensation, which may boost their personalities.



Cannabis has many benefits for the users and hence should be legalized in Kenya. Several countries like the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada have benefited economically through the legalization of cannabis. Kenya should take this chance and legalize the substance, as it seeks to improve the country\’s economic standards and its citizen\’s capacity.

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