PHOTOS: 5 Reasons to Try Alps Hotel

Alps Hotel Nakuru

The Alps Hotel Nakuru is a luxurious hotel situated in the prestigious Milimani Estate of Nakuru, Kenya. Nestled on a spacious 3-acre property surrounded by well-maintained gardens and lush trees, the hotel offers affordable accommodations to guests from the region and beyond. Its location provides stunning views of the scenic landscape, including Lake Nakuru National Park and Nakuru Town. Here’s why you should try it.

1. Swimming Pool

Most days in Nakuru are hot. That’s why most hotels in the city have a pool. Alps Hotel has one too, and you should try it. It may not be the biggest pool you’ve seen, but it’s private and well-lit at night.

2. Espresso Den

Alps Hotel is a great choice for coffee or tea dates. The Espresso Den, located near the reception area, offers a wide range of high-quality beverages, including coffee and tea, customized to individual preferences.

3. Rooftop Bar

For a breathtaking view, head to the Medieval Bar located on the rooftop. From here, you can admire the panoramic beauty of the Mau Hills, Hyrax Prehistoric Hills, and the expansive Lake Nakuru.

The bar boasts an extensive selection of local and international drinks, skillfully crafted by professional mixologists, further adding to the hotel’s reputation for providing high-end services.

4. Great Food

For an exceptional dining experience, visit The Masala Kraft, the hotel’s premium restaurant. Here, you can indulge in delectable Indian and Continental cuisines prepared with the utmost care and quality.

5. Event Venue

The Alps Hotel Nakuru also offers various activities and services to cater to different needs. They specialize in hosting dream weddings, ensuring a memorable celebration with excellent cuisine, venue options, and impeccable service. The hotel is also children-friendly, complete with an expansive playground.

The hotel is also well-equipped to organize and host other events, promising unforgettable experiences. Moreover, they provide exciting and adventure-filled workplace team-building exercises, guaranteeing a productive and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, Alps Hotel offers wildlife tours, allowing guests to fulfill their dreams of exploring the natural wonders of Nakuru. These tours promise to exceed expectations and create unforgettable memories.

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