Things You Should Know Before Dating Online

With the rise of online dating apps and sites, online dating has become a socially accepted trend in today’s modern society. Unlike previous generations, thousands of love-seeking individuals are joining various dating sites or downloading dating apps in the hopes of finding their true love.


Worldwide, there are over 1500 online dating sites. According to Statista Research Department, nearly 280 million online users of dating services are forecasted by the year 2024, with 113 million users if matchmaking services and 70 million casual daters.

As more and more individuals join online dating apps and sites, it is important for every woman to know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of online dating before joining.

Pros of online dating

1. Easy to get started

All you have to do is register in your preferred dating site or download a dating app to start online dating. This makes it fast and easy to find potential suitors unlike the traditional old-school dating.

2.There is a huge variety of potential partners

Some dating sites use match-making algorithms to set people up on dates. This gives you many options as a woman to choose from. You can be as picky as you like.


3.It’s flexible and more convenient

You can date from almost everywhere, that is, you are not limited to a specific location to have a date. Since it’s virtual, you could be on a date while preparing supper or taking a walk. This makes online dating flexible and more convenient.

4.You can date multiple people and from different geographical locations

Contrary to traditional style of dating, one is allowed to explore and date various people even at the same time if you like. The global village social media has made gives one a chance to travel the world through his electronic media device. Online dating encourages one to embraces diversity and cultures of different people globally.


5.It is affordable

Apart from the internet connection and subscription fees for the websites, online dating is cost-effective. Unlike normal dating where expenses such as uber fees, dinner reservations, movie tickets are involved, this method of dating eliminates a lot of expenses as it is virtual.

6.It takes away some of your insecurities

Since the date is done online, it hides away your personal insecurities and worry thus making you feel more confident through the meet up.

7.Low fear of rejection

One may fear being rejected since you are mostly strangers and may have not bonded much. This digital dating style has high anonymity and thus people may not know each other well to have attachment issues when told ‘no’.

8.Saves you time

Online dating saves you the time and effort you would have used to go on a physical date.


9.You are more relaxed

Physically meeting a new person for the first time is scary. Usually, you become anxious and nervous even before you meet them. In online dating however, you interact online thus experience little or no anxiety. It is more comfortable to start a conversation with a stranger online than it is in real life

10. Most suitable for shy people

Shy and introverted people may enjoy online dating the most since you are not meeting in person. This makes you feel more confident and comfortable through the interaction. There is also less effort in approaching the other person as it is easier online.

Cons of online dating

1.People may lie

Some people can lie about their background and personal information to cat-fish or attract a certain type of people. Others may lie with pictures of other people so as to attract certain suitors. This makes it frustrating not knowing the truth about the potential partner you are dating.

2.Online algorithms might not be effective

Algorithms are just number predictors and sometimes, they might not be as effective. The compatibility results shown based on the site’s data and your preferences is not necessarily true.

3.Privacy concerns

Sharing your personal information with strangers online could pose privacy concerns especially cause you don’t know the person well. This can be scary to your life and personal security.

4. Can be frustrating

Being exposed to many options can be frustrating especially when choosing the right one. This increases confusion and desperation since they see a lot of options in front of them but have none to pick. It could cause distress.


5. The suitability is based mainly on physical attraction

In the online dating world where profile pictures, videos and a set of images play a huge role in who you are matched with, looks play a big role in your connection with potential partners.

6.It is shallow

The information one shares on the dating websites depends on the information one has keyed into it. One doesn’t have control in knowing a lot about the other person in online dating. Additionally, finding a serious person in a dating site/app is difficult. Majority of the users are only there for short-term flings.

7.Many unrealistic expectations

When dating, we all have a list of qualities we seek in our partner. Often at times, people who opt to use online dating have unrealistic expectations and standards for their suitors. This is opposed to meeting someone in real life as one tends to accepts someone for who they are.

8.Unknown intentions

One might attract the wrong type of partners and thus harm or hurt her feelings in the process. It is also dangerous and scary as you do not know truly the intentions of the other person behind the screen.


9. Can be lonely

Since one may not be seeing each other face to face, this kind of dating can be lonely and depressing. Lack of physical touch can be frustrating most especially to those who have this as their love language.

10.One is exposed to trolling or online bullying

The online world is often a cold, cruel place. One may be exposed to trolling, body shaming or bullying on while on those platforms. This necessitates practicing caution while online since trolls and other users won’t hesitate to insult you when you slip.

It is always advisable to be safe and carry out a background check of a person done before entrusting them into your life.

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