Renowned Economist Dr. Phineas M. Nyabera Exposes the Roots of Gender Wage Discrimination in New Book

Dr. Phineas M. Nyabera, a highly educated Kenyan author based in the U.S. has completed his latest book titled “Discrimination Against Women’s Wages: Assaults and Insults on Women.” In this thought-provoking work, Dr. Nyabera delves into the historical reasons behind the persistent wage gap between men and women in the labor market.

Drawing on his extensive research and expertise in economics, particularly in labor and industrial economics, the author provides valuable insights into the issue and proposes ways to address it moving forward.

With a background as a teacher in Africa and advanced degrees in business administration and economics, Dr. Nyabera brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his analysis. His dedication to understanding wage discrimination against women has led him to compile a comprehensive account of its causes, effects, and overall impact. By sharing this account, he aims to provide readers, both present and future generations, with a deeper understanding of the roots of gender-based wage discrimination.

Published by Covenant Books, a reputable publishing house located in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Dr. Nyabera’s book adopts a scientific and nuanced approach to unraveling the gender wage gap. It explores the reasons why this inequality persists even in modern times. Additionally, the author presents actionable solutions to put an end to wage discrimination and urges readers to actively contribute to achieving wage equality in the labor market.

“Discrimination Against Women’s Wages: Assaults and Insults on Women” is available for purchase at various bookstores and online platforms such as the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Covenant Books, an international publishing house that focuses on Christian-oriented literature, is proud to support Dr. Nyabera’s work.

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