This Entrepreneur Quit a Corporate Job to Deliver Meals in Nakuru City

The food industry is one of the most competitive sectors in Nakuru, with countless restaurants, cafes, and eateries vying for customers’ attention. However, amidst this intense competition, a young entrepreneur is making a name for himself in Nakuru City through his business, Stanlink Inn. Meet Stanley Munene Mwangi, the 25-year-old founder of Stanlink Inn, which offers food deliveries, snacks, outside catering services, and utensil hire. In this feature article, we will delve into the story of this young entrepreneur, his passion for food, and how he is revolutionizing the food industry in Nakuru City.

Stanley Munene Mwangi, a young entrepreneur, is transforming the food industry in Nakuru City through his business, Stanlink Inn. The 25-year-old is the founder of the business that offers food deliveries, snacks, outside catering services, and utensil hire. Since its inception in January 2023, the business has gained a reputation for delivering quality and healthy food at an affordable price.

Stanley’s passion for food started at home, where he would spend his free time experimenting with different types of dishes. Later, he joined the hotel industry and realized that the quality of food produced in the offices was wanting. This prompted him to pursue his passion and start his business, majoring in the quality of products they offer.

Stanley’s business offers a variety of snacks, including samosas, kebabs, spring rolls, smokies, and sausages. The food menu includes Mukimo, pilau, white rice, githeri, matoke, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, lyonaise potatoes, beef, mutton, kienyeji chicken, fish, and breakfast deliveries. The business has gained popularity among the locals, and the demand for their services continues to grow.

Starting a business is never easy, and Stanley has had his fair share of challenges. One of the significant challenges he faces is late orders. Since he is the same person cooking and delivering, some people’s orders are a little late. Additionally, he has no means of transport to do the deliveries, but he tries his best to reach all customers and serve them in the best way possible.

Stanley’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to have perseverance and patience and learn from challenges and mistakes to improve their products and services. His journey is a reminder that starting a business requires determination and hard work, and success is not achieved overnight.

Despite the challenges, Stanley is determined to grow his business and expand his customer base. He plans to acquire means of transport to do deliveries efficiently and increase his workforce to cater to the growing demand for his services.

In conclusion, Stanley Munene Mwangi is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs who aspire to pursue their passion and start their businesses. His story is a testament to the fact that success is achievable with hard work, determination, and the right attitude. Stanlink Inn is poised to revolutionize the food industry in Nakuru City, one dish at a time.

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