Leaked: UN Deputy SG Says Ruto is ‘Ruthless’ and ‘Untrustworthy’

In a shocking revelation, leaked documents from the United States security agencies have revealed that the United Nations Deputy Secretary General, Amina Jane Mohammed, described Kenyan President William Ruto as “ruthless” and “untrustworthy” to her boss, Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations. This candid conversation took place in February of this year, causing concern as Kenya is one of the four countries in the world with United Nations headquarters.

The leak comes as a surprise, as just a few months prior, US Ambassador Meg Whitman had described Ruto as a “smart and reforms-oriented man” who was making peace efforts in Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, the leaked documents may have now put a dent in Washington’s trust in Ruto and his administration.

President Ruto had met with Antonio Guterres in New York in September 2022, just after becoming Kenya’s fifth Head of State, where they discussed the impact of climate change. Prior to this meeting, Amina Jane Mohammed had also met with Ruto in October 2022, where they discussed the same issue.

This revelation is expected to cause concern among Kenyan citizens and the international community. It remains to be seen how this will impact President Ruto’s administration and its relationship with the United Nations.

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